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Jessica's Journal
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Sunday, July 16th, 2006
3:48 pm
hey bitched i kno i havent been on in months but what can i do im busy u kno smoking tht weed n shit lol anyways im just stoppin by to say hey to all them ppl who see this
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Friday, April 28th, 2006
9:33 pm
ok so i kno i havent been on here in a long time but heres the deal.....i have a friend named strider nhes datin this bitch name julianna n i kno for a fact she doesnt love him cuz shes all like fuckin oher guyz n gettin pregnant by someone she doesnt kno n sayin to 5 different guyz........shes a slut n she accused strider of cheatin in her when i kno for a fact tht he doesnt cheat on anyone....n i got on the fone wit her...n i was nice at first but than she said she loved him n tht ticked me off cuz she doesnt love him cuz she wouldnt of done the things shes done so i started yellin n i walked out of the house to tlk to her n by the end of the convo i said u need to choke on a peice of food u fat ugly mother fuckin bitch....she needs to stop hurtin my friend who i love deeply n stop sayin hes cheatin on her wit me n callin him AND chelsea a slut cuz she needs to look in the fuckin mirror for once but if she did it might break...cuz shes a ugly bitch.....n if she trys to do shit i got ppl p back my fuckin back up so she can say all she wants about me but what i said to her im stickin wit it..n if she doesnt like she can kiss the fattest part of my white ass....cuz she cant say shit to me tht i havnt alrdy heard so juliannn fuck u n ur morals n die cuz if i find out anymore shit bout what u did to strider than ill go to ohio n ill fuck u up...what tony did to u im fuckin glad....so fuck u n die burn in hell u fuckin GAY ass bitch
peace mother fuckers

Current Mood: fucking pissed
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Saturday, December 3rd, 2005
5:12 pm
so yea im chilling wit nikki and my sis..brit..smoking newports..and nikkis is cold..i dont kno what to say...so BYE MCL

Current Mood: chipper
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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005
10:21 pm
my body
so my brother keeps saying im fat and everyone at school says im fat and ugly..my dad doesnt like how i dress and i value my dads opion cuz i love him...its like the whole world is turning on me...and idk what to do! i mean if they think im so fat and ugly than why dont they just tell me that to my face instead of behind my back! so why dont i just starve myself so they will stop i mean what else is there to do! i tried dieting and nothing worked!!!! so why not starve...and the ugly problem...well idk...i can start wearing makeup and than maybe they will stop! sumtimes i feel like just dieing all this sjit is making my self cofiendence go down and i kno as a juggalo u should be like fuck them and what they think but its hard not to listen i mean if u hear it bascially every day than what is there to do! i mean since 1st grade sumone was calling me sumthing!!!! and now being in high school its worse! bcuz they dont care what ur personality is like its about whats on the outside! i mean my mom and my dad and my friends keep saying im pretty and not fat but i hear it all day and u kno it is hard to not listen when yea..and my dad he rather me dress all girly than how i dress now but he doesnt understand dressing the way i dress is a way to let my feelings out but no my dad and my peers critis me on tht also! why cant they just leave me the fuck alone! what did i ever do to them! NOTHING! they just like picking on me cuz they kno in the end i wont do nothing..cuz i kno...i cant get suspended its like bleah its hard to explain...but one of these days those people will push me so far that i will do sumthing about it! might it be sumthing tht will effect them or me idk...but when tht happens than i just want them to kno tht bcuz of them i did this....what else is there for me to do! its like noone sticks up for me..i mean i stick up for all my friends but when it comes to me they r like no no ill let her take this shit and see what happens and the next thing u kno im going to be gone and they r gonna feel like shit!!!! people at school dont think i have feelings but i fucking do omg just bcuz i dont show them doesnt mean i dont have them i fucking have fucking emotions!!!!! they just dont kno me they kno me for whats on the outside not the inside!!

Current Mood: depressed
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Sunday, November 20th, 2005
11:40 am
ok so...i have this friend NIKKI who dated this guy brandon..and they broke up and brandon being the asshole he is is all like....to his recent girl kt we fucked on friday..ok one they didnt CUZ SHE SPENT THE FUCKING NIGHT AT MY HOUSE!!! and we saw him but HELLO i was with her the whole time! and he slapped her and kicked her UGH I JUAT WANT TO KILL HIM!!!!!!! i hate high school..i mean theres always drama..and im tired of it!!!! its so damn annoying! but anways i g2g...~MCL PEACE~

Current Mood: cranky
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12:09 am
lalala....lets see im having a boring time at my house..im tlking to strider on the internet..and yea..lets see chelsea my homie...shes cool..lets see she is my savior..shes my sister..and i love her to death...lets see what else...nothing new i mean im smoking again..i quit for a while but than i started again...so lets see if i will quit or keep going i have a feeling i will quit bcuz im into singing ang the smoking will mess my singing voice up!

Current Mood: happy
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Friday, November 18th, 2005
10:37 am
EEP...sry everyone...i lost track from the last time i was on here!!!!!!!!! but anyway...high school is the same....DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA!!!!! I HATE IT!!!!! hm...lets see.....my mom found out i smoke and at 230 my mom drove me brittany and freddy to eexon for cigs....britt gave my mom the money and my mom paid her back for me it seems....but anyway...my mom found out so now i can smoke and so can chelsea and nikki and whoever i guess.....amanda i dont know...i mean i think she is using me for cigz.....shes all like tomorrow bring me 2 cigz and a bag and im like w/e but today i didnt go to school...good thing too cuz it seems chelsea and nikki smoked my cigz....UGH....WHAT AM I TO DO WITHOUT MY CIGS!!!!!!!!!! I NEED THEM!!!!!!!! SHE BETTER HAVE SOME!!!!!!!!

Current Mood: content
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Friday, October 28th, 2005
7:31 pm
hey yall....sup? sorry me havent been on...yea u see i started high school and u all now how TOUGH tht shit is....ugh...i hate it...anyways...yea nothing changed...i still love strider....and hm....yea...i have red hair now...i think i have told you i had like balck hair before but now its red..hm..yea thts all for now...

Current Mood: loved
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